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Roscioli Foods

Clean, Simple, Natural

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Everything is Clean, Simple, and Natural

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Handcut Pastas
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Pizza Dough
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Take & Bake Pizzas

Our Process

We are combining the art of time honored small craft processes with modern science. Many of our recipes have been used in our family for generations, having been fully developed at the famous Rom's Restaurant in Sturbridge, MA. With the 5th generation of Rosciolis in America running underfoot, we are now providing our foods to the wholesale and retail markets. Meanwhile, back in Italy, the oldest bakery is Rome is owned by Rosciolis.

Our employees are trained for precision, for example weighing ingredients to hundreds of a pound. And yet, most of our products are still formed, rolled, or bagged by hand.



Its amazing to recall how when we started this over a decade ago, one of the main motivations was to make healthy and delicious foods available to kids throughout Vermont. As parents of 4 ourselves, we knew it could be done better. Now, through our partnerships with Vermont's schools, distributors, and organizations, roughly 1/3rd of Vermont's kids consume our products at least monthly!

Left: A delivery of premium King Arthur Flour, to be turned into pizzas for Vermont's school kids.

Jump Start Your Dinner


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